QSFP+Active Optical Cable

  • QSFP-AOC-480×288

QSFP+Active Optical Cable

~100 meters, longer lengths available upon request

The QSFP+AOC offers 4 independent data transmission channels and 4 data receiving channels via the multiple optical fibers, each capable of 10Gbps operation. Consequently, an aggregate data rate of 40Gbps over 100 meters transmission can be achieved by this product, to support the ultra-fast computing data exchange.


  • Limited EMI/RFI Exposure
  • Low Bit-Error Rate <10-12
  • ~100 meters, longer lengths available upon request.
  • 25 mm bend radius.
  • Industry Compatible


  • Mass storage
  • 4G/8G/10G Fiber Channel
  • High Performance Computing Clusters
  • High End Servers
  • Metro Network Switch/Cross Connect

Product Specs

General Information

Parameter Typical Value Unit Note
Number of Lanes Tx & 4 Rx    
Data Rate, each Lanes 10.5 Gb/s  
Maximum Aggregate Data Rate 42.2 Gb/s  
Bit Error Ratio <10-12    
Interface Serial, 12C based   Defined by the QSFP MSA
Power Consumption, each terminal 0.8 W  
Operation Temperature 0~+70 °C  

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